Welcome to this web site which is dedicated to the history and beauty of the Insert cards which were issued in Spanish matchboxes between 1897 and 1910.  Over the course of these thirteen years over 3000 different Inserts were produced, across 37 Series with 75 or more Inserts in each Series.
Use the Menus for information about the Inserts or click here to see a list of all the Series.
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This web site was created and developed by Mike Pryor, with enormous assistance from Alan Downer, Juan Manuel Gómez Pradera, Jesús María Bollo and Pepita Robinson.

Website history

  • 2018, November – site went live
  • 2019, January – various Spanish-language corrections and improved checklists
  • 2020, February – addition of example blank Collectors’ sheet
  • 2021, February – addition of an example blank album sheet
  • 2022, February – small updates
  • 2023, June – small updates

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